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Evaluating your CEO Succession Plan Webinar

Register now for the complimentary webinar, "Evaluating you CEO Succession Plan" on November 3rd from 2-3 p.m. EST. This is an opportunity to hear tales from the succession wars and learn how your business can have an effective succession plan that can reduce shareholder concerns and mitigate potential company risks.


  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Succession Planning
    Effective succession planning ensures a continuity of leadership. It supports future growth through the retention and development of a company’s brightest talent. It can also be the key to increased motivation, performance improvement and a seamless transition from one management team to the next. Drawing on recent case studies, John Szold outlines what he calls The Seven Deadly Sins of Succession Planning. He will explore a host of development strategies, from implementation to reporting, that can enhance future leaders’ potential for growth and success.

  • An Ounce of Development is Worth a Pound of Headhunting: The Role of the Board in Effective Succession Planning
    One of the toughest governance challenges any board of directors faces is the selection of a new CEO. Too often, the board is unfamiliar with high-potential internal candidates and instead looks to external candidates. In facing the decision of whether to promote from within or look outside, the board needs to come to grips with a critical question: Which candidate is best suited to lead the company to future growth? John Szold examines the vital role the board plays in the development and implementation of a effective succession planning process.

  • Cultivating Leadership
    "Is leadership something you’re born with or something you develop through experience?" Most CEOs believe they were born with 40 per cent of their leadership ability and developed 60 per cent through experience. That says that even the strongest natural leaders have to do a lot of hard work to reach their potential. John Szold will present approaches for identifying future leaders, recognizing the differences between good managers and good leaders, and developing strategies that will enhance the potential for growth and success for both.

  • Succession Planning in Real Time: Making Candidate Decisions
    Making succession management decisions can be like trying to hit a moving target while the ground you’re standing on is shifting. This interactive case study workshop allows participants to explore the trade-offs and shades of grey in making succession management choices, with participants simulating a succession management committee attempting to reach a decision on potential candidates. Available in for-profit and not-for-profit workshop versions.

  • Selecting your next bank CEO: Critical questions about succession for directors of financial institutions
    Based on a variety of real life examples, the presentation recounts the story of a bank that faced a very shallow talent pool in its senior management ranks and what it did about it. Practical tips for directors to be aware of in assessing succession planning activities are provided.

  • Evaluating your CEO Succession Plan
    Increasingly, shareholders are demanding to see evidence that boards have a handle on CEO succession, including a well laid out plan in the event that directors have to name a new CEO unexpectedly. This presentation emphasizes the importance of short and long term CEO succession planning with particular emphasis on the pros and cons of internal vs. external candidates.


  • Preparing for the Shortage of EDs in Not-for-Profits
    For the Not-for-Profit sector, the challenges of succession planning can be compounded by dwindling financial support, economic instability, and an inability to recruit and retain potential management candidates. Planning for Succession provides executive and management workshops aimed at addressing the key issues facing succession planning for the third sector.